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9 Week Cleanse: Daily Focus- Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep Breathing is essential for psychological, emotional and physical health. Not only does it feel great, every system in our bodies are depending on our breath to survive. Deep Breathing is simple-refreshing and restoring.

Before you begin your day, throughout your day, answer emails or respond to anyone- Take 3 Deep Breaths. Don’t allow your emotions or stressful situations cause you physical health issues.

There are numerous benefits from regularly practicing deep breathing exercises:

*Calms the Mind

*Lowers Blood Pressure

*Centers Your Thoughts

*Releases Toxins

*Improves Sleep

*Reduces Anxiety

*Oxygen Purifies Your Blood Stream


1. Clear Your Mind

2. Inhale a deep breath

3. Hold for 3 seconds

4. Exhale

Repeat 3x’s

For more information on Deep Breathing Techniques check out “Black Girls Guide To Meditation.

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