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Humans are creative beings. We create things with our minds throughout the day. Our imagination is used to provide a visual picture of things that have happened in the past, our current situation and things we are anticipating.


Visualization techniques allow you to have power over your thoughts, create reality and use the power of your imagination. These techniques help change your perspective and the way you view your current thoughts and problems (past & future).


If you have ever been in thought about something that hasn't happened yet or have replayed a scene from your past, you were practicing visualization. Unfortunately using your imagination to think on negative or create negative events is counterproductive. Thinking on how bad your interview or meeting may turn out or anticipating the worst traffic in route to the airport are all examples of how we create negatively.


We create visualization treatment plans that allow you to use all of your senses (internal & external) and guide you to tap into a higher thought power.

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