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Corporate Wellness Works!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

What are you waiting on? Corporate Wellness programs are the wave for the future of corporate culture.

Catch the Wellness Wave

80% of U.S workers are stressed. Each year stress results in as much as $300 billion in productivity loss. 60% - 80% of workplace accidents are due to stress. Stressed out employees spend 46% more on healthcare. 14% of the AIS survey respondents felt like hitting a coworker but refrained. Americans are working longer hours and managing multiple jobs.

Our wellness programs focus on providing employees the tools to manage stress, increase productivity and maintain healthy working relationships.

Creating a new Corporate Culture

Emotional Rx works with each company based on their goals. We create group and individual plans that enable employees to examine and manage their cognitive-behavioral functioning. Emotional health is becoming increasingly vital to employee success in managing their positions and having healthy interactions with co-workers.

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