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National ”Get Organized Week” Day 2: Manage Your Time

Getting organized takes time. Most people don't think they have the time it takes to have an organized life. The way you manage your time is key to getting organized and staying organized.

We have identified 4 ways you can examine your time and create a path toward adjusting your daily routine in order to create more time. With your ”new-found time you will incorporate new routines that will enable you the time to become more efficient and less stressed.

1. Delegate Tasks- Stop taking on tasks that can be handled by someone else. If some else can help out accept the help (housework, errands and small work projects). Make sure you aren't always accepting responsibilities from others that are overwhelming.

2. Know your Peak Performance Times- Examine your energy levels throughout your day. If you aren't a morning person don't drain yourself with too many projects during that time. Maximize the time that you are most energized and alive for larger projects/activities.

3. Say No- Two words that are huge barriers to time management. Just tell them no.

4. Disconnect from Social Media- Examine the amount of time you spend on various social media platforms. Invest that time into creating goals, making adjustments and organizing your life.

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