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National “Get Organized Week” Day 3 The Purge

During this phase of “Getting Organized“ it’s time to remove Places & Things from your life that are prohibiting you from living effectively and efficiently.

The purge gives you a clear view on what you need and what you should eliminate. You should examine the major areas of your life; work space, home, vehicle, and other places that are out of order.

1. List the Places & Things that need to be operating with a higher level of order.

2. Pick one and clear out unnecessary items from that place or eliminate those “things”.

3. Check off each place or thing once it’s organized.

4. Work items can be recycled to other new employees or HR and home items can be donated.

You should commit to an Organization “purge” every 3 -6 in order to maintain a stress free work and living environment.

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