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9 Week Wellness Cleanse

There are barely 9 weeks before 2020.

We are going to have a 9 Week Wellness Cleanse to close the year out and prepare for 2020. Starting Nov. 4th

Black women especially need to ensure they are emotionally & psychologically prepared to deal with the challenges we face and the level of understanding we are required to have because of who we are. -

The number 9 represents Spiritual Awakening, Lighworking, Life Purpose, Love & Empathy. Let's cleanse the old and take our personal power to a new height.


Each week we will focus on a different area (mind, body, soul). The holistic wellness practices must be done daily. -

I will be your accountability partner. However, you've got to do the work to get results.

The info will be on our website and shared via social media.

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